How To Know Which Topic Is Trending Today Worldwide ?

Trending Today

How To Know Which Topic Is Trending Today Worldwide ?

Trending Today | If you are a blogger or even a common person, you would want to know from internet what is trending today, or the news of a week or a month.

What is meant by Trending Topics ?

It is very simple to understand. Trending topics are those which has been on top of the list of most searched topics for a day, week or month. Obviously the trending topics depend on a number of factors, likes country wise, criteria wise and worldwide. The criteria depends on each individual. Some might think about searching the trending fashion of the season and some might search for the trending technology. All depends on your preferences. The trending topics can be categorised under fashion, gadgets, technology, innovation, sports, political news, celebrities and many other hot topics which might be trending at that time.


Now back to the question, how to search for the topics trending today ?

Trending Today
Image Source : Google ( Trending Today )

Google Trend

What else could it have been other than Google? It is undoubtedly the best tool the search for what is trending today in a country, state or category wise. Google is the most popular search engine which is used throughout the world to search for trending topics and news daily. On the basis of the searches, Google Trend prepares an accurate search result. In their visualizer you can find the trending topics have the highest peak in their graph. Google very smartly allows you to customise your preferences so that it can show you only the topics which you are interested in.

Google + Trending

Nowadays people prefer having everything at their fingertips. So Google+ has brought to you the easiest way to keep you updated. It doesn’t matter if you are using your smartphone or desktop,  Google+ is available on both. Click on the Explore and then the trending section. Most the the relevant topics and news are active here and you can not only learn about things but also get solutions to your problems.


It’s a community of experts and intellectuals from various fields and industries. Quora provides a platform for them to share knowledge and opinions. If your are ever stuck on any topic, just ask for the solution in Quora. You can also join in a community or subscribe to feeds which have relevant topics.


Everything trending today related to entertainment will be on BuzzFeed. If you’re looking for an interesting topic nothing related to news, BuzzFeed is your stop. The entertainment and fashion topics generally dominate the homepage but there are also other topics present on the internal web pages.


A topic or a quote is made trending on Twitter by re-tweets. Twitter is the best place to make something go trending as social media users are really active here. If you want to look out for  a particular topic then you can use hastags and keyword to search.


We all use it and we all know how it functions. It was initially created to connect people from all over the world. But this social media app also gives us a peek into the hot and trending topics circulating around the internet. There is an option in the right side of the Home Page, named Trending, which keeps you updated with all the trending topics of today. So along with connecting with friends and knowing about all their activities and whereabouts, you can also know about the world news each day.

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