What is trending this summer on Netflix ?

What is trending

What is trending this summer on Netflix ?

What is trending | Lately, it seemed that Hollywood is not investing much in romantic movies. How hard can it be to make a smart, sweet sizzling movie ? Surely there has been classics like “Bringing Up Baby” and “Love Actually”. But for some years now the rom-coms have not been up to the mark. Thanks to movies like “Book Club” and upcoming “Destination Wedding”, the rom-coms are getting back in business. Netflix itself has released some rom coms under its Originals which are brilliant movies. So get ready to watch what is trending on a movie date night and chill.

Netflix Originals

Set it up

This movie is a new member in the Netflix Originals and has remembered to follow all the traditions of this genre, perfect leads with overpowering chemistry and a twisted plot only to end up with them coming together. The story revolves around Harper and Charlie, who are over worked assistants, whose lives are totally controlled by their ruthess bosses. So they meet and make up a plan to set up a date between their bosses so that their romance will distract their attention from ruining the assistants’ life. But eventually in the process the assistants fall in love with each other but their journey is worth watching.

The Kissing Booth

Two best friends since they were born at the same hospital on the same date, Ellen and Lee, has made a set of rules which none of them can break order friendship will be in jeopardy. But Ellen somehow breaks the most important rule, rule number 9, which stated that any sibling of one another is off limits. She falls in love with Noah, Lee’s hot elder brother. There are a lot more drama in the movie and that is why this is what is trending on Netflix.

Us and Them

The story is basically a train journey, where two people meet and share their dreams, hopes and breakups throughout their train journey. They leave each other from there and are accidentally reunited 10 years later on a plane.

Like Father

This story centres around a workaholic woman who unfortunately gets dumped at the altar. But she decides to go to her honeymoon anyway with her overachiever dad, who left her mom because he thought the family was holding him back from achieving the greatness. The journey and the father-daughter bond is portrayed beautifully in this Netflix original.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

This movie is based on a novel of the same name released in 2014. The story is about 16-year-old Lara Jean Song. She writes a love letter to every guy she has loved but never sends them, rather she stores them in a hatbox her mother gave her. These are not the love letters she has received, these are the ones in which she wrote her soul out. But she comes out from her dream world and her love life is totally messed up when her letters get leaked. This film ranks in the topmost positions of what is trending.

The other Netflix Originals worth watching are Alex Strangelove, Ali’s Wedding, Irreplaceable You, etc.

Let’s see what is trending in all time favourite Rom-Coms.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Good movies always find a way of surviving in all ups and downs. And this movie has sustained everything and not aged a day. The story of two teenagers who attend the same school, but have never known each other. Although unknowingly they share the same taste in music. One night Norah asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend to get away from her annoying friend. But as the night progresses, wonders happen.

Love Actually

This movie has the potential of becoming a classic. Considered as one of the best Rom-Coms and always hitting the “what is trending list”, this movie weaves the story of lives of eight different couples. Each couple deals with their own problems but the tales are kind of loosely interrelated. The story is set on a Christmas backdrop in London.

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