Trends in Internet of things (IoT) 2018

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Internet of things

Trends in Internet of things(IoT) 2018

Internet of things | Among all other Technologies which became evident this year, Internet of Things stole the limelight. It is being predicted that there will be at least 20 billion devices which will be connected to the IoT by 2020. Automatically the revenue of IoT product and service suppliers will hike up to $300 billion. So here is a list which will define the future of IoT.

Smart Home Devices

Even the people who denied the smart home technologies, saying these are unrealistic playthings bad for lazy youngsters, they could not resist the appeal of these smart home devices powered by IoT. These devices are predicted to get highly popular in 2018, as they are getting highly innovative each day. We are not only talking about home automation comfort here, but also how well it provides safety and security to your family.

Another agenda behind the expected adoption of IoT smart home is the need for saving energy. The smart thermostats and smart lights help to conserve energy and reduce the bill. This is another reason why people will turn to IoT power technologies.

Edge computing will dominate cloud computing

This is a change people are looking forward to. For a long time now, IoT devices are dependent on cloud storage. Now the developers and manufacturers are starting to realise the advantage of computing and analysing the data on the edge.

What this means is in place of sending and storing all the data of IoT devices to the cloud, it will now be transferred to a local device closer to the IoT device or on the edge of network. The advantage of it will be that the local device can sort, filter and compute the data and then send the whole or a portion of it to the cloud, minimising the traffic of the network.

Healthcare will adopt IoT

It is predicted that the internet of medical things will experience a growth rate of 26.2 % and will reach $72 billions by 2021. Medical equipments like sensors, wearable devices, health monitors, etc will be connected to IoT in the near future. There are also other devices which are ready to reshape the medical world, like the mobile health applications and virtual assistance to invigilate a patient’s health, smart cars which are designed to monitor patient’s vital in transit, etc.

IoT Security

As the world is embracing IoT, the network and more volume of data and information is at risk. With the health information of a patient and safety of homes floating about in the cloud, IoT needs more security to protect these and its consumers.

AI and Big Data

As more and more people are getting connected with IoT each day and exchanging data, the amount of data that are required to be processed and analysed are growing extensively. The goal is not only to gather data but also perceive actionable insights. So obviously this requires big data techniques and artificial engineering to process all that.

A merge of AI, IoT and Big Data are sure to give rise to numerous next generation applications and advancements. And then it will be difficult to look at these in isolation anymore.

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