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World News

Top 5 latest world news you need to know.

World News | It is important to be aware of our surroundings. As much as it is necessary to know what is happening all around our country, it is also necessary to know about the world news.

Thousands of people sign petition to stop the Hindu School from closure in UK.

This topic has been raging in the world news. The school is really popular among the Indian community based in the borough of Brent. The Indians there are even happy to pay a fees amount of GBP 4,310 per term to admit their children.

The Akshar Educational Trust, which is responsible for running the school set up in 1992, declared last month that they are in no intention to run the school anymore. They plan to exit the education sector completely by July 2020. The appearance of the existing students completely in rage about the situation and have signed a petition to save UK’s largest Independent Hindu faith School, Swaminarayan School in London.

A spokesperson for the school stated some reasons for closure in the interview. He blamed the increase in regulatory requirements, the problems in recruiting teachers, the availability of other state-funded Hindu Schools and declining students. The petition has already attracted 3500 signatures since last week.

Trump reported on Harley-Davidson row that he is working to bring in other motorcycle companies to US.

In February, Trump has reported that the Indian government’s decision about the tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorbikes is not acceptable. The Indian government has decided that the tariff should reduced from 75% to 50%. Trump was not happy with the decision as he stated that it should be reciprocal, as US has provided the advantage of ‘zero tax’ on motorcycle import.

The world news has been President Donald Trump has told his administration to talk with other motorcycle companies who will be willing to move to US after Harley-Davidson announced that they are shifting some of the operations overseas because of the retaliatory EU tariffs against American duties.

Hong Kong Court announced ruling in favour of same-sex couple.

On Wednesday, the Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal decided that the same-sex partner of a British expatriate should rightfully receive equal treatment under immigration law. This is certainly a major step for gay rights in the Chinese territory.

The same-sex couple in a relationship living in the city will have the same rights spousal visas just as the heterosexual couples. The case was brought into account in 2014 buy a British woman, whose partner was a galvanised gay rights activist. They also added that Hong Kong has failed to live up to its image of “Asia’s World City”, until now.

Donald Trump interviews three more candidates for Supreme Court justice Nominee.

This topic has been one of the trending world news. Trump has declared earlier that he will name a Nominee on 9th July to take up the Supreme Court vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy. On Tuesday he had an appointment with three possible candidates to fill in the vacancy. He has also interviewed the Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah regarding the job. The president has spoken to 8 candidates by now, as reported by White House spokesman Hogan Gidley.

Germany: Angela Merkel promises every effort to avert US trade war.

The administration under Donald Trump has decided to impose tariffs on EU steel and aluminium imports. US is even deciding whether to impose additional tariffs on cars, trucks and auto parts. This can be a real setback for Germany, as its major auto industry is located is dependent on US.

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