The New Fashion Trends You Should Try According To Your Zodiac Sign

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New Fashion

The new fashion trends you should try according to your zodiac sign

New Fashion | Spring is in total swing, attracting us towards the big florals, warm colours and ditching the puffer jackets an inspiring us to try out the favourite styles of the season. Everything from rainbow stripes to rubber dresses, the designers have styled some head turning pieces for this season’s collection. The Astro Twins of Elle magazine have decided to give you a look enter the new fashion trends you should try this Spring according to your zodiac sign.

Aries : Statement Straw Hats

We all know the characteristic of an Aries. As this sign rules the head, the fashion elites have decided a bold accessory, an oversized straw hat. This hat will keep the attention towards you and make your face shine with spotlight on your beautiful face. Your expressions are enhanced to stand out, whether you are performing a one woman show or just reading a book in the park on a lazy Sunday.

Taurus : Asymmetrical Neckline

Your strong shoulders have supported many of your friends and family members in their needs for emotional support. So why not flaunt them a little with this season’s new fashion, asymmetrical necklines. Too much cleavage is not always what girls are looking for. The asymmetrical necklines define the shoulder and neckline very well, inputting a character immediately to your classic selection. It is predicted that Uranus is about to invade your sign. It is Uranus’ first revolutionary visit in your realm since the year 1942. May it be a top or a dress with asymmetrical neckline, it is a polished perfection with a twist.

Gemini : Rainbow

Why struggle with choosing one colour when you can experiment with the ROYGBIV spectrum. Anyway Geminis struggle with decision making. So the spring collection is saviour for them. The rainbow prints, splashing all colours in one dress is a real treat to watch.

Cancer : Rubber

Cancerians are really sensitive and that is why they require more protection and their clothes act as armour against the fierce world. But it is not that they do not want to be seen or noticed, so they try to wear clothes which speak for themselves. This Spring rubber pieces have been sent out on the runaway. Just slip into an elastic-polyester dress and get ready to rock the streets with style.

Leo : Fringe

Doesn’t matter if your closet looks like a costume department of a Hollywood set. By the characterisation of Leo, you are meant to be the one who generally pushes the boundaries and limitations. Fringes and tassels are something which mesmerizes the Leos. Be it tassel earrings or deconstructed hemlines, nothing is too much for Leos.

Virgo : White Tank Top

I know white tank tops might sound too  basic, but it can look gorgeous if you can give it a signature spin. If you can incorporate a white tank top in your everyday wardrobe, you want to know how easy it is to style it. It is the new fashion of the era. Some tips would be you can layer it with a floral maxi dress or wear it with slouchy trousers.

Libra : Pink and Red

As ruled by the romantic Venus as your governess, it is pretty obvious that Saint Valentine rules your 365 days of the year. So, you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to wear pink and red. It is the season’s dynamic duo.

Scorpio : X-Girl Sunglasses

The sun is really shining on Scorpio this season. You can try out the real edgy X-girl sunglasses. Its sharp structural frame pays homemage to the ’90s.

Sagittarius : Lavender

Purple has always been Sagittarian’s go-to colour. So to give it a softer look this season, lavender is creating the magic. Go with floral dresses or pair an ankle length skirt with oversized sweater. It’s all in the new fashion now.

Capricorn : White Suit

The most ambitious among all the zodiac signs. Your closet absolutely needs a collection of power suits. White blazer with white wide-legged pants, portrays a very sophisticated cut to your image.


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