Types of Mesothelioma Treatments or Mesothelioma Care

Mesothelioma Care

Mesothelioma Care

If you are having a habit of eating tobacco and smoking on daily basis, then it simply means that you do not care about your family or loved ones, because you are already aware about this fact that smoking kills and eating tobacco can lead to cancer. So, if you truly love your friends, family or other relatives, then it is time to quit smoking and eating tobacco.

If you are wondering that what will you do to cure the damage that has already affected your body, then don’t worry it is simple. All you need to do is, just start eating healthy and start living a regular life. Do exercise daily, mediate daily and you will yourself start seeing the changes in your body.

Living a disciplined and healthy life is the best way to cure any kind of disease. Today we are going to discuss about mesothelioma care, read the full article below and if you find any of these mesothelioma symptoms in your relatives or friends, take them to the doctor before time flies.

Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer attacks the inner cells of your body, and it is further divided into 4 stages. But fortunately, we have a cure of it, you have to undergo surgery depending upon on which stage your cancer is.

Below listed are some of the symptoms of Mesothelioma Cancer:

  • Stage 1: Patients suffering from stage 1 mesothelioma cancer suffers from wheezing or dry cough.
  • Stage 2: Patients suffering from stage 2 mesothelioma cancer suffers from dyspnea or shortness of breath.
  • 3 Stage : Stage 3 patients suffers from difficulty in breathing. They are not able to breath properly.
  • Stage 4: Patients suffering from stage 4 cancer, suffers from pain in abdomen or pain in chest.
  • Stage 5: Stage 5 patients suffers from pleural effusion also known as fluid.
Mesothelioma Care
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Mesothelioma Care or Treatments

Below is the list of types of mesothelioma treatments or mesothelioma care, which can help you with your treatment.

Extrapleural Pneumonectomy Surgery (EPP) : This surgery helps in removing all the cancerous lungs and areas where mesothelioma have spread. The surgery includes removing cancer from various areas such as lymph nodes, heart lining, and diaphragm.

Pleurotomy and Decortication (P/D) : This treatment does not remove the lungs, it is only done for removing those parts which are affected by cancer.

Cytoreductive Surgery : The cancerous growths that are occurring in the lining of abdomen, is removed by the cytoreductive surgery. Cytoreductive surgery is also known as debulking surgery or peritonectomy.

Mentioned above are the mesothelioma care that can be done to the patients suffering from the cancer, but any of these surgeries can cure a person for some limited time period. The doctors cannot give the guarantee of life expansion.

So, I am saying again, if you want to stay away from these kind of dangerous diseases, then please take care of yourself because cancer can happen to anyone. It does not come with a knock.

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