These Latest Technology Updates Are Too Good To Be True

Latest technology updates

These latest technology updates are too good  to be true

Latest Technology Updates | With massive revolution of gadgets and technology in the 21st century, gadgets are categorised as dreams and nightmares. This topic has been outraging now and people have become more alert about the latest technology updates. So here is a list of few latest technology updates which you decide should be put under which category.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Latest technology updates
Image Source : Google ( Latest Technology Updates )

Amazon has given us some latest technology updates. The Fire TV Cube is actually an update of the Fire TV Stick. The Cube works the same way as the Stick does but with an added feature. It is stuffed with smart speaker with similar tones as Alexa voice assistant.

It can be used to play whatever you want to, but only upto 4K resolution from various streaming services, like Netflix, HBO Go, but unfortunately not YouTube as there is a slight diff between Amazon and Google.

The Cube can be linked to your cable box and you will be able to change channels via voice commands. If you ask for playing a certain show or channel, Alexa will hunt it from every available services and play it for you.

You can also set up routine for Alexa so that when you pronounce a particular command, Alexa will lower connected lights, turn on or off the TV, or resume from the last video you played.

Alexa is enabled to use infrared signals to control your entire home theatre system, except Blu-Ray players and game consoles. The Fire TV Cube costs $120. It is also provided with an IR extender.

Sonos Beam

Latest technology updates
Image Source : Google

Sonos has introduced a new device with its Beam home theatre system. The best part of these latest technology updates is that it surpasses beyond your thoughts. The Beam comes with HDMI connectivity and it can be controlled by you via Siri with the help of Apple’s latest AirPlay2 protocol. Beam is about 60% smaller and lighter than Sonos previous Soundbar, Playbar.

The night-mode feature comes really handy for balancing out quiet and loud noises. If this feature actually works as advertised, it would be a great invention for late-night watchers. The night-mode will help you to watch TV even if your family is asleep.

The price is $399. The Beam might not be able to deliver the same quality sound, which Sonos is renowned for. The most disappointing part is there is no Dolby Atmos support.

X-RAY Flex

Latest technology updates
Image Source : Google

Royal Holding’s Sword is a case manufactured for iPhone 8 plus and Pixel 2 XL. It utilises the handset’s radio frequency waves to detect if someone is carrying a weapon. It’s kind of an X-RAY tool. The idea of this technology is quite cool but how accurately it works is yet to be determined.

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