This latest technology of 2018 will blow your mind

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latest technology

This latest technology of 2018 will blow your mind

Latest Technology | This tech news is something you have never heard about. Google is trying something different with Android this time. This time instead of introducing features which allows your phone’s operating system to do more things, the latest technology will help you use it less.

What exactly is this latest technology introduced ?

Android P which will be revealed later this year, will consist of a new dashboard, which will notify you how often, how much and when you are using certain apps on your phone. It will help you with self control by allowing you to set a limit you are spending on each app. Let’s say you do not want to spend more than 30 minutes on Instagram, so you can set a limit and once the 30 minutes are over, the icon of the app will go from its attractive gradient to a dull grayscale.

latest technology
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This is one among the other initiatives which Google is combining into a theme called “Digital Well Being.” This time Google decided not to go with the phrase “Time well spent” , which was a popular catchphrase designed by ex-Google “design ethicist”, Tristan Harris.

Android P is the latest technology which is all over tech news for some time now. Android P has an interface which is similar to iPhone navigation gestures. It consists of smarter ways to use those functions which are buried deep inside apps. This is a very big change in the latest technology as it manipulates the way how users get along with their phone.

Android Oreo introduced last year was all about internal changes rather than user-facing features. But this year the Android P is all about visual changes and new features. Google has not yet revealed what P stands for.

Controls for your inner child

Now is the exact time for Google to introduce the idea of putting a limitation to your tech obsession. It has been all over tech news how social media apps hacking human brains.

Sameer Samat, Vice President of the product management department of Android, stated that the company has been working on the issues for long now, based on user research so that they can minimise the growing concern about distraction and addiction. He also added that presently there are two billion Android users and he feels that it is his responsibility to do more and work about the concern. Android is the largest operating system used all over the world.

How the latest technology works ?

Android P is specially designed with Satin handful tools that helps you avoid using your phone. The most interesting feature is the new usage dashboard. It creates a pie chart of how long you have used each app in a day. It makes your mind conscious and forces you to ask yourself if you should use your phone as much as you are using it.

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