How will the world have changed by technology ?

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How will the world have changed by technology ?

The world around us is changing everyday. And we all want to be a part of that change and make a real difference. How many times have you watched a news or read it up in a social media wondering how you could be of any help? But now finding answers have become so easy. Whatever information is needed is readily available on our fingertips.

In a big way or small way here are some ways technology has impacted and changed the world.

Easy access to advice and tips

You’re reading this article right now sitting at your home is a proof that how much technology has achieved. Technology has helped in a great way to get the word out there in the world. Now obviously it cannot always guarantee quality, but access, definitely.

The how-to helps we get make our life way more easier. Whenever we need to prove a point quickly we just need to google the answer and every information about it will be displayed in front of us.


This point differs from the first one. Information is always like a two-way Street. We can use technology to gather information, but without news we cannot know what is happening on the other side of the world. News shows the brutal truth of the situations and problems which we still need to find solutions. It wouldn’t be possible to know that someone is dying due to the shortage of blood you can provide and these are not the informations available on internet but only on news. Awareness is the key to knowledge. Because of awareness today we know that somewhere in the other part of the world something is not right, although your surroundings might seem happy.

Access to global issues and global solutions

This is just a wider view of the previous point. Thanks to technology and internet, is now possible to know what is going on across the world. Along with access to the problems, we also get access to the solutions.

For instance, Sweden has operated a highly effective waste-to-energy programme, which has helped the country to recycle all its garbage. They have now only 4% of the total waste ending up in the landfills. So they have offered to take up the garbage from the neighbouring countries to produce energy.

AI and Automation.

Think about all of the time automation has saved us or all the back-injuring labour, repetitive motions and working in dangerous atmosphere which has been replaced by qualified machines. But that is not it, presently automation has taken some severe turns.

Fact and fact checking can be done by Artificial Intelligence, reducing the burden of lawyers, as there is no emotional aspect necessary and sometimes it can get a bit boring.

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