You will be surprised to know the biggest fashion trends of 2018

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fashion trends

You will be surprised to know the biggest fashion trends of 2018

Fashion Trends | We fashion lovers are always looking for a new season to find out what would be the next item on trend. Fashion changes every season. And if you are a fashion lover, there’s a high chance you already know what are the fashion trends of 2018. The Fashion Month gives a good indication of what would become popular on streets. So here are a list of you fashion trends to make it easier for you to try out the ultimate trend.

Check Print

Checks have been in fashion town for quite some time now. People most frequently are choosing checks on their blazers and trousers. But fashion trends always go beyond limitations. So checks have graduated from suits to even asymmetrical tops and flowy skirt. Designers are even aiming at mixing the checks with florals.


Can a look be complete without fringes in today’s fashion? Starting from Alexander Wang to Dior, they all have tried to incorporate fringes in all their creations. Dresses, coats, accessories, shoes everything is embellished with fringes nowadays.

Buckle Shoes

You might think that this is an old school fashion. But in the Spring Collection, 2018, this retro collection has made a major comeback. The detailing is brought out in a unique way this time. It is strong to make a statement but also versatile so that it could fit right in the wardrobe.


If you are bored with pink, thanks to Spring’18 you have another shade of pink in fashion trends. Lavender, as you know, is very soft and calm colour. Victoria Beckham certainly has made this colour famous. The best factor with this colour is that it’s and universal colour, it suits with everything you wear.

60’s Floral Prints

The overused phrase ‘Floral is for Spring’, has totally been changed by the fashion trends of 2018. Now, floral is the new go-to look for celebrities. The big contribution of bringing back the florals is by designers who drew inspiration from the ’60s big floral prints, incorporating dramatic colours and large flowers. Another thing which people are trying out to pair with this prints are checks.

Utility Jumpsuits

For all the ladies out there who love to stay in their jumpsuits all day, there’s a good news. The jumpsuits have come back in full force with a utilitarian twist. The new designs are not like the sexy jumpsuits that girls usually like wearing. This time the inspiration is totally different and unique. The designs attributes keeping in mind classic flight suits. Obviously the jumpsuits are boxy and boyish, with slouchy quality.

Oversized Jewelry

This year’s fashion trends allow you to go as bold as you can. The oversized statement jewelry brings back the ’80s feel. The layered necklaces make your neckline look elegant. These jewelleries make accessorising so much fun. Remember to opt for the bold pieces over the delicate ones.

PVC overload

When Chanel displays a theme in runway, it has got to become a trend. Have you watched yet the PVC-themed runaway show of Spring 2018? It was all about how you can style a PVC on a regular basis. Some people might not be comfortable with the look at all. So for starters you can go with transparent heels or bags.

Daytime Sparkles

Sparkles are a girl’s best friend. For quite some time now, people preferred choosing sparkles only for night and parties. But this year glitter and sequins are brought to light. They are made perfect to be worn at daytime.

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