The current technology updates that are about to dominate the future

Current technology

The current technology updates that are about to dominate the future

Current Technology | In the near future, the current technology will reach a level where it will be able to enhance every moment of our lives. The latest technology like cryptocurrency or AI has grabbed our attention and are reaching new heights that is sure to surprise us in the future.

Vernacular Apps

There are many terms used in our phones which are not easy to be understood by our parents or grandparents. Although most of the countries in the world has accepted English as a common language for their phones, people are expecting the devices to adjust to their vernacular languages. There is already a current technology developed which helps in speech-to-text conversion, language translation, etc. But users want all the apps re-made in vernacular languages.

Digital Credit

Many countries lack the system of digital credit, which affects the entrepreneurship. If a young adult is inclined in starting a new business, the person would be limited by an only choice, bank. The banks still continue to rely on the traditional mechanisms like credit ratings and salary.

In 2018, it is expected that credit offerings would be more common and widespread. The digital lending would be dependent on digital trials of data and rate the credit seekers accordingly. Also, it is predicted that digital mechanisms would be used to issue and recover loans. The latest technology would be helpful as it will make the issuance of loans of lower denominations for shorter period possible.

Digital Agencies

Digital Agencies or online help is nothing new today. Call centres, transcriptionist, graphic artists, etc. have been on digital services for long now. Using online options for acquiring, defining, tracking and paying for works will help the digital agencies grow faster and wider. The fields where early adoption of this can be seen are healthcare, education and media creation.

Remixed supply chains

We all know how traditional traders carry out effective supply chain systems for all the purposes like distributing goods, handling inventory, liquidating the unsold goods, etc. in small towns. But the e-commerce supply chain system is designed to carry out the same works in metro cities.

Cloud Computing

The latest technology, known as cloud computing has surely created hype. But only a few current technology providers have been able to explain how it actually works. Google Docs is the first cloud-based app which reached to common people. Next comes the Apple’s iCloud. The cloud computing provides us with enough space and reliability to fit in all our data so that it can be used whenever and wherever required.

Eye tracking / Voice Commands

The eye tracking technology has not become common yet. But the day is not far when it will. In future it is forseen that the two technologies will be combined with AR (augmented reality) to create a natural user interface for PMC. The object you will be viewing or the things you will be saying would be transmitted to PMC, which will interpret it and provide you with information about the object.

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